What are the advantages of dental veneers?

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Dental veneer technology can repair teeth according to the shape of the alveolar bone without damaging the teeth and gums, not only It is suitable for teeth with too large gaps, and can be easily solved for tooth defects, severe tooth coloration and uneven teeth.

1. Natural color: The color of the all-ceramic crown is more natural and beautiful, and the special color is added to make it closer to the natural teeth. In addition, the ceramic patch also has high wear resistance and stability, and can maintain a natural and beautiful color for a long time. custom abutment

2. Beautiful shape and color change: In addition to the whitening effect, it can also improve the shortcomings of the natural teeth that are too small, too sharp, and local damage, and make the shape of the teeth more beautiful. Ceramic veneers are like “nail pieces” applied to the teeth. Layered zirconia

3. No harm to the periodontal: In order to be beautiful, Cervical needs to be penetrated into the gums, which can easily cause redness and swelling of the gums, but veneers cervical can be located on the gums or slightly downward, and cement is used. Sealed, keeping the gums in better health than crowns. Outsourcing dental lab